Season Greeting

When did you realize Santa Claus wasn’t real?  My mom had me fooled until I was 9 or 10.  Yes, 9 or 10.  Either she was really good or my sister and I were plain old dumb.

The first year we decided to leave milk and cookies out, ‘Santa’ ate some (more like threw a couple away and poured half the glass of milk down the sink – my mom doesn’t drink milk) and responded to the letter we left.  It was my mom’s handwriting.  My sister and I said, “Mom, you wrote this, didn’t you?.”  She smiled really big and said “Yes, you got me.”

Here’s the best part.  We didn’t put two and two together that maybe she left the presents too.  Mom felt bad that Santa didn’t eat the cookies so she did that for us, but he DID bring the presents!  All right!!

Gawd we were dumb.

So the next year rolled around and this is when we officially figured out mom was Santa.  I reached for the first present and the gift tag was printed from a computer.  The tag said “Season Greeting.”

SEANSON GREETING!  Santa has computers at the North Pole but Santa is NOT ESL.  MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM?!

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