Photography Tip: Wedding Album Design & Layout

I love wedding albums.  It makes everything more real.  As in . . . It happened.  Finished.  Done. We got MARRIED!  That is why I include Leather Craftmen albums with my wedding packages.

Here are some tips when putting an album together.  This is mostly for photographers but could be helpful for brides & grooms too!

In my experience, a good album usually has no more than 40 photos.  Your goal is to tell the story of the wedding day in the most impactful (is that a word?) way.  Which photo best sums up the bride getting ready?  Which photo tells you everything about what the ceremony was like?  Quality over quantity!

When photos are printed and enlarged, they look MUCH BETTER vs. on a computer.  Less photos per spread will provide higher impact.  If you have too many photos on one page, it looks cluttered and you don’t get the same “oooh . . . ahhhh” feeling.

In my opinion, book/album design templates look generic.  It lacks heart and soul.  The differences are subtle but HUGE when you design from scratch.  I’ve tried using online templates and it just doesn’t feel the same.

A wedding album should be timeless.  How are you going to feel looking at it in 10, 20, 30 years?  I prefer to keep my designs clean and simple, and offer clients two colors for the album cover – Black or Ivory.

When I tell my friends how much the albums are their reactions go something like, “Omg, why don’t you look for a company that makes them for cheaper??.”

That’s the thing – you get what you pay for.  There are many album/book companies but I have seen few that have the same quality as Leather Craftsmen.  They are hand-made in NYC, have super thick pages that won’t warp, and you can tell there’s a lot of love put into making them

In summary, I strive to provide the very best.  As a photographer, you are part of the wedding day.  Part of you is in the pictures, in the editing, in the layout, in the story, in the album.  Don’t skimp on that. 🙂

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