Destination Wedding: Rayong Resort, Thailand

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Dear Avril & Nick,

I hate you.  I hate you for being a gorgeous couple and having a gorgeous wedding in a gorgeous location.  Thank you for making it VERY hard for me to edit your photos.

Love, Christine

To everyone else, here are some photos from Avril & Nick‘s destination wedding in Thailand. :)




Magic happens when you take photos during those in between moments.  You get some real . . . realness!  I was with Joe Buissink (celeb wedding photographer) once and he showed me a photo he had taken of J.Lo on her wedding day to that back-up dancer guy (the dude before Marc Anthony).  Anyway, this shot of Avril reminds me A LOT of that picture. :)


I walked into the guys room to see what they were doing.  Couldn’t help but laugh.


Ceremony time!


I love watching their moms during the ceremony.


First hug from dad.


This makes me laugh.



Pretty pier.



Sah-wah-dee kha!  (“Hello” in Thai).


The reception.  I dig those paper lanterns.


Sweetness overload.  Father/Daughter.




And of course the Bride & Groom.


In case you can’t tell, Avril & Nick are definitely a smash-the-cake-in-your-face type of couple.


Lantern release!



And then, there were FIREWORKS!

Before heading up to my room I snapped one last shot of the happy couple.



Echo Park Lifestyle Photoshoot: Jeffrey Vincent Parise

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I don’t consider my photo sessions a formal shoot, it’s more like spending an afternoon with someone.  Be present and enjoy what you are doing first, photos second.  To me, that is the only way to produce quality work.

Jeffrey Vincent Parise

Shot with Mamiya645 + Canon 5D MKIII


I had extra film to take the remainder of the photos below and they are the ones I love most.  The inbetween moments that make you remember a day…


After the formal portraits we walked to Echo Park Lake to catch the sunset.  Jeff told me he has good luck finding things he’s looking for, whether it be a piece of furniture someone is throwing out, firewood, or in this case, random produce.  I call this LIVING IN ALIGNMENT.




What Camera to Buy?

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I love photography but I’m not a gear head.  I feel like guys are usually more into the technical jargon.  Me?  As long as the thing does what I want it to do, we are good to go!

Digital cameras are so advanced and affordable now that many people are ready to upgrade to SLR.   One of the questions I get asked most is which SLR to buy.

Canon 5D
Canon 5D

I shoot with a Canon 5D and I love it.  No it’s not the Mark II.  Video is fun but I’m solely interested in stills so haven’t felt the need to upgrade.  It would be the equivalent of buying a Ferrari and not going over 80mph.  Pointless.

I love the ‘regular’ 5D.   It’s phenomenal.   Buttons are easily accessible and photo quality fantastic.   It’s what most wedding photographers use who shoot with Canon (though most have the Mark II).  It’s in the higher price range but if you are serious about photography I would make the investment.

Now if you only want an SLR for a casual hobby (“better travel photos” is what I hear most often), I would recommend the Canon Rebel.  This is me at the Grand Canyon years ago when I first got my Rebel (notice I chose a photo where you can’t see my face).  We slept in the car the night before and I looked tore up!

Canon EOS Rebel
Canon EOS Rebel

The Rebel served me well for years.   I still have that thing and I love it!  Here’s a tip though – the lens that comes with an SLR camera (if it does come with one) usually sucks big time.   As a first lens I would suggest the 50mm f/1.8.  It’s only around $100 and a great lens for the price.  It’s prime which means there is no zoom, but it really teaches you how to shoot.  Change up your shot, stand on top of things, GET IN THERE!  Lots of fun. :)

Canon EF 50mm f1.8

In general, besides the camera, the lenses are very important.  The pic above is Carla at a recent trade show, btw.

Whatever lens you do get, I highly recommend f/2.8 or less.  My favorite lenses are the 50mm f/1.2 (if I could shoot with one lens it would be this one), and the 70-200mm f/2.8L.   I keep those on my 2 camera bodies during weddings 95% of the time. Occasionally I will switch one of them up with a wide angle 16-35mm f/2.8.

You really don’t need a lot of different lenses and accessories. People are always talking about the new “it” camera, this attachment, that flash, etc..  Honestly, you don’t need a bunch of fancy schmancy stuff to take good pictures.  Most of the point-and-shoot cameras now take amazing photos.   I take wedding ring shots and any macro detail shots at weddings with a point and shoot (the Lumix LX-3).  It’s great.  I have friends who shoot street photography with old 35mm cameras (you know the kind your parents gave you when you went on field trips) and their photos are AMAZING.   It’s not so much the camera but what you can do with it!

Oh and sometimes I get asked about Nikon.   To be honest, I don’t have any experience shooting with Nikon but I hear they are excellent.  Canon and Nikon both specialize in cameras so anything they make is going to be pretty solid.  As for specifics regarding Nikon, sorry I can’t help out more!  If you have questions about Nikon you can ask my good friend Margot.  She can help ya out. :)


My Best Friend’s Wedding, Photo by Caroline Tran

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My bestie got married recently.

It was neat being on the other side for a change and seeing wedding pictures from a true client perspective.  The incredible Caroline Tran was their photographer.  Her work is classic, timeless, and I know Jessica & I will have the same smile when looking at the pictures 10 years later.

I remember this exact moment when we were getting ready.  I had just gotten my make up done (by the fabulous Leslie Alejandro) and Jessica said, “Hey, we look even more like twins!.”


THANK YOU Caroline, for capturing moments like this.  Always a fan!

See more pictures from their wedding on Style Me Pretty and also Caroline Tran’s blog:)