How to Get Started in Drone Photography

As experienced photographers, we’ve spent years honing our craft. Acquiring the knowledge and skill to produce amazing photos is something we’re proud of, and a skill that – for many of us – has turned into a career. So how to get started in drone photography?

Both professionals and experienced hobbyists should commit to continuing education and expanding their horizons wherever possible. Technology improves and changes, and it’s important to keep on top of these changes if you want to remain at the top of your photography game.

One new technology that has applications for photography is the advent of RC Drones. Using a drone is a relatively inexpensive and accessible way to get some beautiful aerial shots. But what do you need to get started? Let’s take a look at what it takes to get started in drone photography.


Choose A Drone That Includes or Supports a Camera

There’s a wide variety of drones available, and choosing one at random without making sure it’s useful for photos is a recipe for disaster.

You have the option of either buying a drone with a built in camera, or opting for a model that can support an externally mounted camera. I’m sure you’re familiar with camera specifications, and in general the same guidelines apply when looking for camera drones.

Choose an Appropriate Drone Speed

Many drone product pages will list their maximum speeds.

You’re an experienced photographer but not an experienced drone flyer, so choose a model that moves quick enough to stay in the air but isn’t so fast that it’s difficult to control. Look for a drone with a speed of around 10 MPH – 15 at the max.

Decide on a Range

What photos are you looking to take with your camera drone?

Are you looking for good shots just a few feet off the ground, or do you need a drone that can shoot up into the skies and take a high quality aerial picture.


Generally, the larger the range the more expensive a drone will be. Drones with camera support are already a little more spendy than regular drones, so if you’re not absolutely dead set on a drone with amazing range, this is a way to save some money.

Drone with a GoPro (or HD Camera)
Drone with a GoPro (or HD Camera)


Return To Home and other Easy of Use functions

Some drones feature a “return to home” feature that will bring it back to where it originated when you’re ready to stop. This feature functions using GPS, and drones featuring it are usually a little more expensive.

As a beginner investing in a drone with a quality camera, choosing a model with this feature is a great way to save your investment if you lose control of your drone.

We hope that this quick overview of some features you should look for in a camera drone can help you figure out how to get started in drone photography. Using this new technology to expand your photographic horizons is a great way to shake things up and produce some beautiful pictures.

Drones are complicated little machines, but the buying process doesn’t have to be complicated. Use the guidelines we’ve provided and some quality research to make sure you settle on a quality drone. When in doubt, go for a model with good reviews. With access to the internet, there’s no reason you have to go in blind when it comes to buying a camera drone.

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