Destination Wedding Photographer: Cabo, Mexico Part II

Here it is  –  The emotion.  The laughter.  The tequila shots…

Esther & Daniel’s wedding at The Esperanza Resort in Cabo, Mexico.


“There’s no such thing as a perfect picture, only a perfect moment.”  -Joe Buissink




The moment right before the kiss is best part.  It’s like a drum roll.  Anyone watch ‘How I Met Your Mother?’  I love that episode.



Tears make for great photos.  Keep ‘em coming!





They dropped him….hard.  I should probably stop asking people to do that.

If you are on the beach, you have to pick the girl up.  It just feels right.

Esther & Daniel do this a lot when they are joking around with each other.  They put their hands up to their faces and go, “Hee hee hee…”.

Doing it for the first time with their rings on. :)

Esther can be categorized as the hot nerdy girl.  My favorite kind! :)

She had to adjust her shoe before heading up to cocktail hour which made me think of…Cinderella!   Or as I like to call her, “Cinderelli!”

Their reenactment cracks me up.  If I were Daniel I would keep the shoe and sell it on ebay.  It’s probably worth $400.

My favorite photo from the wedding.  Esther’s grandma raised her.



Esther is a chef, so she was VERY picky about the food.


I love Polaroid Guest Books.  This entry was so funny.  That’s Lydia with Sean, who loved the fact that he looks like the guy from Princess Bride.


They smashed the cake so quick.  For a moment I was afraid that I missed it!  Phew.


The rest of the night looked like this.


And this.

And this.

End of (my) night with the bride & groom. :)

I can’t express how much I love destination weddings.  Not only because of the traveling, but the bonding!  Destination weddings are usually a lot more intimate, laid back, and you get to spend a lot more time with your guests.  I wasn’t even a guest but I sure felt like one!  To be honest it was an experience that I was sad to leave behind.  Bitter sweet, actually.

Congratulations Esther & Daniel!  Good luck with the move to NY! :)

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