How to choose a Photo drone for kids? 5 Tips!

A few days ago I started getting into drones, both for my services as a photographer, but most of all, I’m interested to actually a toy drone for my kids.

In reality, getting a drone with camera for kids is more complicated than it actually looks.

Besides the huge amount of choice, all kinds of different prices, you get seriously stumped when you’re actually trying to decide what you’d like to buy.

As drones continue to grow in popularity, kids are the latest players scrambling to get in on the action. Popular drones which take photos but are meant for kids aren’t quite built for the professional/recreational drones that are popular with adults, but many of them still come packed with some pretty impressive features.

While the best quality photo drones are apparently ranked according to price, you may get lucky and find a few exceptions, and you can just get the best photo drone for your kid’s birthday without having to drain your wallet. But what are the things that one should consider when choosing a photo drone for his/her children?

1. Price of drone

Chances are if you spend more money on a photo drone, you’ll get more features and like all good things in life, you get what you spend with a photo drone. Here’s what to consider:

  • Are the controllers simple or complicated?
  • Does the drone pair well with the camera
  • Will the camera work in a cold and windy sky
  • Can the propping mechanism shake off the camera
  • Does it work indoors?
  • Quality of camera

A drone with a camera is undoubtedly the most popular in the market. With its ability to capture your kid’s favorite moments, it’s no wonder the drones with cameras can get a little bit pricey.

However, a good camera drone can get aerial photos of places, farms, industrial parks, and where else you might be. With today’s drone market, a good quality camera will need to use a ½.3 inch sensor with 12 or more megapixels.

Headless mode or not

A photo drone with a headless mode is a good option for kids and beginner pilots. Essentially, headless mode is useful especially if or / when you are prone to lose track of the drone’s orientation.

When the mode is activated, it is much easier to control your drone even when the drone is facing you. Using a headless mode is easy. Just place the drone down in front of you as the drone forward direction is aligned with your forward direction.

Activate the mode and let the drone fly relative to your direction.

Have a look at the video below!

Safety mechanisms built-into the drone

Modern photo drones are adopting redundant stabilization features so they can continue flying even when some parts fail. One latest technology goes further to let drones keep flying safely when their sensors, which control propeller functions, fails or malfunctions.

Be wary though, of buying a drone with suspicious-sounding promos such as “fall-proof” or “wet-proof”. Many drone makers today are packing drones with multiple sensors that control prop guards, as well the perfecting the ability to fly indoors.

Durability/Sturdiness and popularity

When it comes to durability and sturdiness, consider buying a modern drone whose parts can be easily replaced.

Besides that, owning a popular drone will make it easier for you to get answers from as many other owners as possible. If you find a problem with your drone, and if many other people own the same model, you will find a solution quickly as regards functionality, durability, and sturdiness.

You can also find valuable information from social media groups that host other pilots. There are also thousands of tips and tutorials found on YouTube which can help you improve your maintenance skills.

The Dromida Ominus - one of the most popular drones for kids
The Dromida Ominus – one of the most popular drones for kids

GPS is invaluable

If your kid is just starting out, GPS comes in pretty handy, and it’s worth paying more especially if your kid is looking for photos and videos.

GPS is not fitted in cheaper toy drone varieties.

Neighbours and their privacy

Unless you live in an exclusively secluded zone, or inside a farm stuck deep in a forested area, chances are you live with neighbors who’d get pissed off the moment a photo drone zooms in nosing into their turf. So before buying a photo UAV for your strapping youngster, think about your neighbor’s privacy before setting off the inaugural flight.

It’s a sensible idea to train your kid to fly very early in the morning or as soon as darkness sets in.

I’ll have more for you about this as I make my choice 😉