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    Wedding Photographer. Adventurer. Ninja.

    Lover of brussel sprouts, chubby dogs, and theme parks.

    My interest in photography began in grade school. I would set up my "portrait studio” in the living room by hanging a bed sheet and shining house lamps toward it. Fast forward 20 years and today I am living my dream as a worldwide photographer based in Los Angeles.

    Here you will find some of my recent work along with adventures, personal growth, and other awesome banter.

My next Branding + Marketing Workshop will be this November in NYC!

It will be held at one of Manhattan’s top restaurants.  I’m always a fan of mixing food with workshops…or anything for the matter.

As with all my workshops, this will be an intimate group so space is limited. To save your seat:

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Magic happens when your feet first hit the sand.  It’s feminine and healing.  There is a sense of strength and freedom.

I was taking photos at the beach for Pikai Swim Hawaii and got inspired to do a photo series about women at the beach.


I will be doing these shoots in the coming months.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with the pictures yet – maybe make a coffee table book or something.

If you are a swimwear line and would like your suits featured, please send me a message.

Fall is my favorite time of year. The weather starts to cool (well, not really here in LA), the days get shorter, football season starts (I don’t watch football but it’s comforting knowing that), we get to look cute in boots and scarves, plenty of snuggle time, and my favorite thing about Fall – we get to add pumpkin flavor to EVERYTHING!

Photo with my besties at my Fall Harvest party last night.


Some people ask if I went to school for photography.  The answer is no.  I went to UCLA and majored in International Development.

The only piece of information I remember learning in class that I still remember today is the definition of the word “Albedo.”  I’m serious.  I learned it in a geography class and thought it was a fun word to say.  AL-BEEEE-DO.

Here is what I really got out of attending college:

1.  I learned to love reading.  This is huge because as a kid, I hated reading.  With thousands of pages we had to read and highlight, somehow I learned to love it.

2.  I learned how to apply myself.  Tuition money is on the line.  There is pressure.  College provides a structure where you pass or fail.  Apply yourself for 4 years and you get a prize at the end.  Now I know it’s only a chance to walk across the stage in a funny hat to receive a piece of paper but still, a prize!  I had motivation to apply myself.

Here is what I learned college doesn’t teach you:

College doesn’t teach you life skills.  It doesn’t teach you what kind of career you would truly enjoy.  It doesn’t teach you how to live a fulfilling life.  How to be emotionally intelligent.  How to be happy.  I think you learn the important things not in school, but by traveling the world and interacting with different people.  By spending time with your friends and family.


I went to college because it was important to my parents.  I used to get annoyed that they wanted me to get a formal education because I didn’t understand why.  Things are different now because we have the Internet.  Anyone has access to any information as long as you can get online.  Values are also different.  Unless you are a doctor, no one cares what credentials you have.  All they care is if they like and trust you.

A couple years ago I found my dad’s acceptance letter to the University of New Brunswick and got teary.  I’m super proud of my parents and can’t imagine how hard it was for them to come to the states and achieve what they did.  I look at old photos and see how getting a formal education lit them up the same way doing photo shoots and traveling the world lights me up.  I get to do what I do because of them.


I would love to hear your thoughts!  What did you get from attending (or not attending) college?

P.S.  You can find the definition of Albedo here.

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